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Liz Jones & Broken Windows live

Saturday, 25 May 2024 - 8pm

Real songs, original music, unpolished natural energy. A six piece down to earth band of eclectic, world toured and well versed musicians, fronted by an idiosyncratic driving force vocalist and songwriter. Fan's of Blues'N'Trouble will recognise veteran axeman John Bruce on Stratocaster duties. Liz Jones & Broken Windows don’t sound like anyone, but have been compared to Little Feat, The Faces and Fleetwood Mac with similarities lying in team connection on stage and a wave goodbye to neat boxes, each tune simply taken where it needs to go. Live shows are a flowing mix of personal expression, genre celebration and individual musicianship. Twists of roots and blues in a vibe that lies firmly with the 60s un vain spirit of real music.

“It so happens that Bricks & Martyrs is a classy collection of blues/Americana/folkie/jazzy roots music that can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best of that ilk that Britain has to offer. I kid you not.” Blues Enthused

Members are: Jamie Hamilton on keyboards, Suzy Cargill on percussion, Gary Davidson on drums and Liz Jones on vocals. Former Blues’N’Trouble members John Bruce on guitar & Rod Kennard on bass.

Tickets £14



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