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Children's Harp Day

Saturday, 6 April 2024 - 3-4 pm

Come along, join into the music and learn about different harps, their history and the sounds they make.

Can you tell the difference between the harps and do you recognise the songs that are played?

Lever harp

Gut-strung Raven clarsach made by Jack Yule in Silverburn, near Penicuik. This was the first of Jack's lightly-strung harps, and was designed specifically for traditional music.

Small wire-strung harp

The latest addition to the family is this sweet little 19 string wire-strung clarsach, an Ardival Kilcoy.

Wire -strung harp

Ardival made by Rose, a 26 string wire-strung harp, including the silver bass string.

The bray harp

Ardival's Urquhart bray harp, a full-size 'Gothic' harp, typical of those used in the 16th and 17th centuries. It has 29 gut strings with a deep, rich sound and the distinctive buzz that makes bray harps so special.

Children under 10 have to be accompanied by an adult.

Tickets £3


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